About Us

Hello from Tisi Clay, you choosing to shop with us means a lot, so we thought it would be best to get acquainted. We wanted to take a second to share a little bit about us and our business. 

Tisi Clay is a small business based in the Ottawa-Gatineau area that kicked-off June 2020. We started off creating polymer clay earrings but we're happy to share our product line has expanded! We now offer earrings, hair clips and home accessories. Everything on our page is hand-made by co-founders Katarina and Sara. 

The name Tisi Clay came from a lot of brainstorming and in Serbian "ti si" means "you are" and we wanted our earrings to be an outlet for expression, fashion and fun. Because with fashion and our creations you can be whoever you are. 

A little bit about the founders...

Hello, my name is Katarina and I created Tisi Clay with my best friend! This business was born in the midts of the pandemic. We saw an opportunity with our new found free time to sell our clay creations! Behind the scenes, Sara and I make products together as much as possible and otherwise I run the marketing efforts. I finished Communications and Business at Carleton University and use what I've learned both at school and in my professional experience to help grow our business. 

Hey there! My name is Sara and I’m currently finishing my studies in Nutritional Science at the University of Ottawa in order to become a Registered Dietitian. I consider myself a foodie and a passionate yogi that also likes to make polymer clay products on the side. I like to work in the shadow which is why I mainly focus on the operational side of Tisi Clay. Our goal for Tisi Clay is to share our unique creations at an affordable price for a cute look or decorative piece and we hope that can help you express your personal style!