Do you do pick-up and delivery?

Yes! We offer both options, make sure you select it while you checkout your order. We provide local pick-up in the Ottawa-Gatineau and will contact you with information. 

Do you do custom orders?

We're happy to say that yes, we do depending on material! Whether it's for a bridal party or you want to order one of our jewelry plates in a different colour we take custom orders through Instagram DMs. To explain, we make 2 types of custom orders, one is changing the colour of a current earring and another option is if you come to us with an idea and we bring it to life! 

How do I care for my earrings?

Handle your clay earrings and products with care! Be sure to store your earrings in a cool dry place and away from metal jewelry as clay can scratch. On a good note, polymer clay does not shatter when dropped and will likely bend before snapping. But with that being said, these are hand made creations so be gentle and have fun!

Polymer clay earrings can be cleaned, if you do it carefully! To clean your earrings, use a q-tip with acetone or rubbing alcohol and gently go over the earring.

Do you do returns and exchanges?

We do not accept returns but if an earring is damaged during shipping please send us a DM with a picture and we're happy to discuss some options.